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Having a Web site for your business is vital. But simply having a Web site is not enough anymore. Your site needs to allow your customers to interface with you, gather information, watch tutorials on your products, view promotional videos, capture customer data for use with product promotions and company newsletters, and ultimately purchase your product online. A fully functional Web site will do all this and more. And it can do all this without you having to put in endless amounts of effort.

It’s time to think outside the traditional “sales/marketing business model” box in order to successfully position, market, and sell your products online. Designers Cafe incorporates successful sales methodologies with cutting edge technologies to create your 24/7 virtual sales person! Designers Cafe customizes this virtual sales person to meet your business informational and sales needs.

Take one to go! The Designers cafe Chefs take a no nonsense, professional, honest approach to designing web based solutions targeted to attain maximum sales exposure. Our design strategy includes a territorial psychodynamics sales and market evaluation of your product and customers. This ensures that your product will realize maximum territory market exposure and sales through the internet.

So what do you say? Will you enjoy a cup with us?

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Quality SEO Tips for 2016 and Beyond

seo in 2016

The key to staying on top of search engine optimization (better known as SEO) is to be flexible and to stay on top of all the major changes that search engines like Google are always making. The standard ranking factors that Google and the other main search engines use shift and the weight given to each factor can also change.

When looking at how the search engines start ranking sites in 2016 the first thing that jumps out is how critical it is to be mobile. There doesn’t seem to be a difference in ranking juice between people who go with a responsive theme for their website and those who go with a separate mobile friendly version. As long as a website owner has one of these two things they are in good shape as long as the rankings go. Webmasters, who don’t have a mobile version, are just begging to have their websites ranked right out of the rankings.

Another thing to look at is backlinks says Susan Michaels of Coronation Internet Marketing. “While a large number of random backlinks or keyword anchored text backlinks will now sink your website instead of boosting it, getting high-quality links will shoot an internet site up the results, and it takes less than ever. Just a few better than average links from a few authority sites in your niche or related niches will do the trick.”

In Conclusion

While SEO is an ever changing field, following the great tips outlined in this article can end up helping you finally get those ranking results that you have been desiring. SEO seems complicated, but it is about doing a lot of simple basic things well. That’s all it takes to gather the type of momentum you need to rocket to the very top of any single niche online.

google search magnifying glass

SEO Tips for Wedding Planners

If you are a professional wedding planner, you probably already have an attractive business website that describes your services. As attractive as it is, is your website bringing you prospects? When a couple is looking for a wedding planner, they often use a search engine on the web to find local planners in their area, then contact the first few listed at the top of their search results. How can you maximize the chances of your website appearing near the top of the ranks? The only way is to learn how to optimize your website so that it will give the search engines exactly what they are looking for. Here are some tips about search engine optimization and how to use SEO to benefit your wedding planning business.

Keywords Related to Your Industry

Think about how people search for information on the web. They usually type in some keywords or phrases that describe exactly what they are looking for. The more detailed the keyword phrase, otherwise known as a long-tail keyword, the more accurate the results. For instance, if only the words “wedding planner” were used, they will get an enormous list with most results not even relevant to their specific needs. However, if the words “wedding planner” were paired with a specific city, then the web user would get more relevant results.

For you, the business owner, you will need to identify which long-tail keywords are the most relevant to your target market. Your geographic area would be important to include. If you have an area of specialization, such as outdoor or unusual venues, destination weddings like Forever True does, or other unique services that you want to highlight, you can create long-tail keywords from that. Your goal is to avoid generic keywords that thousands of other wedding co-ordination companies will be using, but come up with long-tail keywords that will bring you out from the crowd. There are tools that can help you develop good keywords. With less competition for these keywords, your website has a much better chance of appearing at the top.

Use Your Keywords Properly on Your Website

When you have a set of relevant long-tail keywords, incorporate them into your website. Use them for section headings and page names. Use them as anchor links to other non-competitive wedding planning resources that you think your potential clients will appreciate. The more helpful your website, the better you will look, and the more likely a user will call upon you for your wedding planning assistance.

Your website is a valuable marketing tool, but you must know how to use it so that it can proactively draw in potential clients. Optimizing it well will boost your website ahead of your competitors in your niche. The wedding planning business is competitive. However, with the right approach to SEO, you can stand out and get noticed.

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mortgage broker web design

How A Great Looking Website Attracts More Clients for a Mortgage Broker

Mortgage brokers are very crucial especially in helping you find the mortgage deals around. These brokers are generally increasing in number which directly results to higher competition in this field. Due to the competition most brokers have been forced to put into practice some measures that makes them different from others in a way that one has an edge over the others in terms of attracting clients. Brokers have also been forced to resort to the internet as a platform for advertising their services.

Your Website Should Reflect Your Business

Using the internet for displaying your services involves creating a website on what you do. However due to the fact that the world is going digital, almost all mortgage brokers are resorting to the internet bringing up the need to ensure your website is able to attract more clients as it is generally the first thing that can put off or attract a client. Below are some of the reasons that may prompt a mortgage broker to ensure his or her website is looking good so that more clients can be attracted to it.

As stated before the general look of a website has a very significant effect on whether a client moves a step further by seeking the broker’s services or leaves the site and seeking the services of another broker. Mortgage brokers may be forced to make the general layout of their website enticing by enhancing some specific features. One way that one can do this is by ensuring you update your website regularly. Clients like websites that are up to date as it shows an element of seriousness of the broker in delivering latest information. Having an obsolete website shows that a mortgage broker is not dedicated to doing her job and may put off a potential client.

Make Your Mortgage Broker Site Interactive

You can also ensure you have an attractive web design by ensuring it is highly interactive. This can be achieved by incorporating search engines that enable a client is able to search for any information he or she needs on the website without a lot of struggle. You should also include some of the feedback given by previous clients on the quality of service. This makes clients have that safe feeling when going for your services since they have some proof that the services are of good quality.

You should also make sure your website has that professional look while still maintaining that visual attractiveness like the image we’ve used in our featured image from Community Lending Centre

Things to Know About Laser Teeth Whitening

Laser teeth whitening is the fastest procedure for turning the teeth white. It is the latest developments to whiten and brighten the teeth. This method is being used widely for the in-surgery as well as home teeth whitening. This procedure cost more than the traditional method for teeth whitening but it gives instant results. It is considered as an ideal treatment for the people with sensitive teeth. The best things about it are its considerable acceleration of the whitening process. Apart from that, it also offers the professional whitening results. Some of the most common laser teeth whitening methods are BriteSmile, Sapphire and Zoom.

BriteSmile Whitening


The BriteSmile method uses BriteSmile gel in order to bleach the teeth. This gel contains 15% hydrogen peroxide with pH level of 6.5. In this method, an accelerator is being added on the 2nd and 3rd treatment in order to improve the effect of whitening. In this method a light emitting diode or the gas laser that is plasma-based is being used.


The Sapphire laser teeth whitening method was found by Den-Mat. Den-Mat is the same company that has developed Lumineers. Lumineers is a very popular porcelain dental veneer. This method for teeth whitening is the combination of Sapphire Whitening Gel and the laser. The Sapphire Whitening Gel is being formulated specially to allow absorption of the light in the light spectrum. When the gel is activated then it breaks in to reactive components which then target stain-causing coloured compounds. The stain compounds and the gel both get activated and they then react with one another.

Zoom Teeth Whitening


The Zoom teeth whitening method was found by Discus Dental Inc. This method uses an activator and a mixture of 25% hydrogen peroxide gel. This method’s pH level is between 7.5 and 8.5. Mercury Metal Halide is the specific laser that is being used for the purpose of activating the bleaching system.

Teeth Whitened using Lasers

Laser Teeth Whitening Procedure’s Effectiveness

The laser teeth whitening is the fast and pain-free method to make the teeth sparkling white. It is encouraged especially to those people who smoke a lot and who have a habit of drinking coffee because both these things stain the teeth and makes it look ugly. By this method, the teeth get whitened up to 10 shades lighter. This method should be done only by an experienced dentist like you can find at because this method involves removing of the debris or plaque that is on the enamel. Right after the enamel is being freed from the debris or plaque, a gel is used on the teeth. The gel actually helps to whiten the teeth. However, laser pace up the process of teeth whitening and it activate the whitening gel.

Click here for more uses for laser treatments.

water pipes repair and heat services

The Features A Great Plumbing Website Must Have

A business website has become an integral part of any business as the world goes digital and more people depend on the internet to access the information they require on a day to day basis. If you own a plumbing company, there are several features that you should include in your website to enhance its functionality and ensure that you stay a step ahead of your competitors. Below are 5 of the features that every great plumbing website should have.

  1. Company and the team information

    Given that plumbing is all about delivering services and in most cases in a home setting, customers want to know enough about the company and the people they welcome to their homes. Providing this information is therefore very important. Have a brief introduction about the company and some photos of the team at work. You can also include a brief on each team member’s qualifications and why they would be the right choice for your customers. You can see a good example of this at!

  2. Interactive and relevant content

    The website content is another factor to consider. The content should be both interactive and relevant to plumbing. Well formulated and thought out content not only gives visitors to your website confidence in the company and the services offered but also boosts the website search engine ranking.

  3. Guarantee for services offered

    service is guaranteedThis is one important factor that most business owners overlook. Offering a guarantee for services offered is one of the ways you can gain customer trust by showing them that you are confident with the services that you offer.

  4. A phone number

    A phone number should be included in the contact page, at the end of the service page and at the company information page. The goal here is to essentially have the phone number in every page. This makes it easy for visitors to the website to access the company number whichever page they visit first and increase the chances of the customers actually calling to get plumbing services.

  5. Information on latest training and technology in the company

    It is always important to let your customers know that the company has taken the necessary steps to equip the staff members with the latest skills and are up to date where technology is concerned. Offering training and incorporating the latest technology where plumbing is concerned means that you are always striving to offer the best services your customers can get in the market. This will in turn earn the company trust from clients and promote business growth both in the short term and in the long run as well.

if you found this article interesting and would like to know more check this out.

Cleaner cleaning floor

Internet Marketing can save you huge costs

Over the past number of years, the shift in buyer’s habits has hugely transitioned to online searches for products or services. It’s no surprise that top of the list for almost any business in any industry points to internet marketing as their main priority for generating business and leads.

How to Focus on Leads

So why is that? Well, for service based companies really like to focus on this channel of marketing as it brings to them highly qualified, and interested shoppers specifically looking for their service. From someone searching “Plumbing repair Toronto” to “Las Vegas Air Conditioning Repair” or “Surrey House Cleaning”, you are getting a visitor who specifically wants your service, in your market.

This in turn makes the sales process more efficient as it allows your sales team to really focus on hot leads that are likely to convert, rather than spinning their tires dealing with cold calling or old-fashioned direct mail campaigns.

From a cost perspective, Internet Marketing for these service clients is a huge cost savings over traditional advertising. Bryan Fisher, co-owner of Coronation Cleaning (, a Port Coquitlam based house cleaning company, points out the success that SEO has for his business.

“When we founded our company, we noticed a lot of competitors didn’t have the nicely designed professional websites, or work hard at their internet marketing campaign. This was a huge opportunity for has and has been key to our early success.”

coronation website

In most local markets, residents may not deal with getting their hot water tank replaced often. So this means that they don’t have loyalty to any existing companies in the market, and also, don’t know who to call when they’re in a pinch to get service! So, they turn to Google to look for a local company in their local market.

Top Search Rankings

Local independent companies in industries like pest control generally can’t compete with the big players like Orkin who have large marketing budgets and can outbid “the little guy” in radio, TV and newspaper advertising. When it comes to organic internet marketing however, the smaller companies can actually end up having the advantage of being flexible and dynamic, and able to make quick changes on the fly to keep their rankings at the top of the search engines.

This continues to be true with other industries like professional house cleaning, where Fisher points out that many people in his local markets are no longer seeking the tried and trued companies like Molly Maids, and are instead hunting for whoever is at the top of Google when searching for a term.

“I think that our customers put a lot of trust into what results are generated in search engines. When our site ranks highly for these terms, they immediately trust that we are a reputable company, and already gets our company over the hurdle that many smaller companies can often struggle with” notes Fisher.

Whether you are a widget salesman or a real estate salesman, internet marketing is changing how we reach our clients, and is a solution that can work well for nearly any company in any industry!

Good Real Estate Web Design Produces High Value Leads

real estate websites that convert

With the increasing awareness and embrace of online marketing into many companies marketing strategies, internet marketing and web design has become more prevalent than at any time before.

Many industries have begun focusing their marketing efforts online, and maybe no industry has seen a greater focus and shift than that of real estate agents and brokers alike. Operating as Personal Real Estate Corporations (PREC’s), many realtors operate as their own entity underneath a name brand entity such as a Re/Max, Sutton Group or Royal LePage.

Real Estate is One of the Fastest Growing Industries Online

Known for cheesy marketing tactics, realtors have been on the butt end of jokes from a spray tanned realtor using urinal pucks to market himself in the 2009 Paul Rudd film “I Love You Man”, to Ty Burrell’s character Phil Dunphy in the ABC Sitcom “Modern Family” having billboards and bus stop ads around town.
However, in actual fact, real estate is becoming one of the fastest growing industries benefitting from the use of the internet throughout the 2000’s. With more homebuyers looking to conduct research online, realtor’s in each city who once fought for the coveted bus stop bench ad are now duking it out virtually vying for the top ranking terms such as “real estate Maple Ridge”, “Los Angeles”, “Miami” and “New York City”.

How big of a market is online marketing for real estate agents? Lead generation business BoomTown just finished a round of venture capital raising over $20 Million in new equity investments from Adams Street Partners. Or more recently, Canadian firm Real Estate Webmasters, an online lead generation based just outside of Vancouver, BC, appeared on a CBC television broadcast of Dragon’s Den pitching their online offering. The show features business owners pitching their ideas or products to a panel of successful “Dragon” entrepreneurs, who make offers on investing capital in exchange for equity. CEO of Real Estate Webmasters Morgan Carey received $2 Million for a 4% stake in his company, valuing his company at $50 Million.

So why are these companies able to command such large valuations? Because their realtor clients put such a value on ranking for terms like “MLS Maple Ridge” or “Toronto Real Estate”. In these big real estate markets, thousands of searches are made each month by searchers looking to find new properties and realtors alike.

Realtors Need Websites That Brings In New and Returning Visitors

This creates the challenge of designing a website that stands out from the rest, and gives visitors exactly what they’re looking for, so that they return visit after visit as they continue their search, before they inevitably pick up the phone to call the website realtor to seek professional assistance.

Speaking with Maple Ridge based realtor Kris Mugridge of the Cardas Mugridge Group, he touched on some of these efforts that he has put into designing his websites. “I spent countless time over the past few years crafting a website that I felt was simple to navigate, and gave visitors search tools that would help their narrow their search in finding their next property, whether that be a new home or a real estate investment” notes Mugridge.

The partner of The Cardas Mugridge Group continued, “Through tracking analytics, I’ve been able to determine what pages my visitors land on and where they leave, and have structured my website in such a way that is more likely to convert visitors to become leads.”

What Do You Need on Your Real Estate Website?

So for designers looking to create a new real estate website for their realtor clients, what types of things should they ensure are on the site?

  1. Fast and easy search – Buyers want to see listings, they came to your site to either browse for an agent to sell their property – or, more likely, to find a new property to purchase. The user is not interested in reading a barrage of your personal achievements (although these should be on your site somewhere). They want to see homes. Give them an easy way to search and filter listings.
  2. IDX – Ensure your site holds all of the active listings for your Real Estate Board. In his case the Vancouver Real Estate Board. You want users to be able to see every available property that matches their criteria.
  3. Clear CTA (Call To Actions) – There’s nothing worse than seeing a beautiful Real Estate Website, that has no clear call to actions. No easy way for a user to request a showing of a particular property.
  4. Quick page load time – One of the major bounce rate factors for websites is the page load time. Bounce rate is when users land on your site, and then choose to go back to where they were before, rather than browsing your site. Often this can stem from a slow page load time. Statistically if your homepage isn’t loading within 3 seconds, we can often loose the users. Ensure your site has a quick load time, consider using a CDN or Content Delivary Network or a Dedicated Server.

With these helpful tips, you are sure to design a site for your clients that produces high value leads, generating your web design clients with real estate prospects month over month, opening doors to create new opportunities to work together for years to come.

Check out the video below to find out just how a good website can help a realtor be successful.

pest control web design sample

How a great looking website can increase sales for pest control companies

There are very few things quite as important as building an effective business website to generate leads to your pest control business. This is something leading businesses realized years ago and something that SME’s are just now realizing. By creating an effective website that is not only properly optimized but also good looking can lead to a lot of business leads and eventual sales.

If you are convinced as to the importance of how good your business website looks, think about it this way; your business website is your virtual store front online. This is what the world sees and associates your business with. Would you situate your business in a shoddy looking business building down town? One that is run down and unkempt? Of course not! You will do your best to find the most presentable office building that you can afford because everyone knows that presentation is everything in business.

Why you need a good looking website

We are visual creatures

The truth of the matter is that we are all very shallow and visual creatures. We like to think that we are deeper than we are but honestly, we are all attracted to shinny, good looking things. That is why pretty people tend to get their way more than their lesser counterparts. Everyone wants to be associated with something beautiful. The better looking your business website, the more receptive your brand appears.

It helps build brand awareness

The more people want to be associated with your beautiful website, the more they will share it with their friends and family. This promotes more brand awareness for your pest control business.

Promotes trust and better client communication

This only applies if you have engaging content in your said beautiful business website. The more engaged your clients are, the more they will want to comment and talk to you. This helps you figure out where in the sales process they are and what you can do to help them along.

Stands you out from the crowd

There are millions and millions of business websites online. For any small business to stand out, it needs to be unique in some way or another. Having an exceptionally attractive business website is one way to go when trying to achieve this end. If your website is beautiful enough so that it is all people think about when they hear pest control, then you have achieved the objective.

There is no doubt that you need a business website. Making it attractive is only an added bonus to the fact!

social media marketing for campgrounds

How Campgrounds Can Use Social Media For Marketing

Social media marketing has become a powerful tool for online marketing and promotions. Although most businesses already acknowledge its input, only a few have been able to fully take advantage of such possibilities. When handled carefully and strategically, social media can be used by any type of business. We were recently hired by a campground in British Columbia and they wondered how it could work for them.  We explained to them that campground related facilities have a huge marketing potential to exploit in social media.

Here are some of the ways in which social platforms can be used to increase campground awareness, promote services and attract enthusiasts.

Camping Campaigns

One of the areas where social media performs exceptionally is in creation of marketing campaigns. Campground facilities can initiate powerful message campaigns to promote their business and services as the best in the area. Camping campaigns may involve promoting special events and occasions, seasons and offers among other messages.

YouTube Videos

When it comes to camping experiences, nothing can outperform the clarity with which videos illustrate the level of service quality and fun taking place. Businesses offering campground facilities can take high quality video shots and update them on YouTube where millions of potential campers can view them. Promotion messages and links that redirect to the official website can also be embedded on the videos. YouTube videos can also be shared to other online platforms where viewers can access and download them.

Social Posts

Posting pictures and images of the camping facility, environment, amenities and enthusiasts enjoying their special days can go a long way in marketing. Social media is all about real-time posts, feeds, likes and shares. Facebook and Instagram present the best platforms for sharing photos and marketing messages. The pictures and posts can contain optimized links that improve ranking and also redirect to official sites where services can be procured.

Social competitions

This is another effective way to market through social media platforms. Campground businesses can create competitions where social media visitors participate in simple contests for a discounted camping offer or product. It can be anything from voting contest to best pictures and videos. Allowing other followers to vote for winners and participate in the selection activity are all ways of engaging social clients and improving traffic.


Although social platforms have little contribution to organic traffic and ranking on search engines, they still present powerful online presence for any business. Social platforms are effective in carrying out marketing and promotion campaigns. YouTube videos illustrate the level of fun and also provide links to other online presence platforms. When social platforms are integrated with other marketing avenues, the results are much more desirable. Besides, these platforms almost cost nothing to create, use and maintain.

on page seo 2015

Tips for Onsite SEO for 2015

The thing about SEO is that the methods and techniques that get the best response on the likes of Google do change on pretty much a constant basis. This is of course due to Google altering their algorithms and deciding that something else has more appeal and weight with the ranking. However, one thing that does remain constant is the importance of onsite SEO because without it your website is going to be going nowhere. So, what are the key things you should be using for on-site SEO in 2015?

Make Sure That You Use Header Tags

Header tags are going to become even more important during 2015 and it is absolutely essential that you go ahead and use those H1, H2, and H3 tags on your site. Make sure that the tags are able to tell the search engines exactly what your site or page is about, but avoid using your exact keywords over and over again as this will get you nowhere and possibly penalized. Instead, look at the key aspects of the page and content and have your headings reflecting those subjects as this is a key part of your onsite SEO.  For example, if you are a Denver SEO company, considering using “SEO Denver” once, preferably in your H1 tag.

Add Alt Text To Images.

alt textThis is something that is often overlooked, but you must include keywords in the alt text option with the key images on your website. This is just intended to give the search engine something else to pick up on with your searches and keywords. Do not include the same text as you do in those H1 tags, don’t use your exact keyword over and over, use synonyms of your keywords, but you should also not avoid leaving everything blank either.

Focus Your Page On One Keyword or Keyword Phrase

In previous years it was believed that you should focus on a number of different keywords and to have them in the pages on a regular basis. However, this was seen as keyword stuffing or even lacking focus, but now you need to completely avoid doing this or it will have a negative impact on your page. Stick to one theme and make sure that the meta tags, page title, image text, and headings are all around that keyword for maximum impact.

Avoid Using Keywords In The Exact Same Way

It is clear that keywords are still vitally important for SEO, but of less importance on your website is using those keywords in the exact same way throughout the page. Add some variety to slightly alter the terms being used because Google have now added the same value to these varieties than the main keyword itself.

Make Sure That Your Content Is Valuable

The content that is on your website has to be seen as being valuable to the visitors and that does mean that it needs to make sense and to be well written. Google is really pushing the boat out in being able to identify high quality content and will tend to punish those sites that just reuse content of no real value. If you are unsure about what is on your site, then rewrite it whilst keeping in mind that you need to avoid keyword stuffing.

Make Your URL SEO Friendly

seo friendly urlYour URL needs to be more SEO friendly than ever before and this is one of the easiest things that you can do especially if you use blog content management systems such as WordPress as they pretty much do it for you. Make sure that the URL directly mentions the key term for that particular page and repeat it for every single page on your site, changing the keywords to reflect the different information.

Use Long-tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords are still extremely useful for search engine optimization, but this year the most important thing is the actual quality of the term used rather than the quantity. This is especially helpful for websites that would primarily target keywords that are very competitive. By using them in the correct way it makes it easier for your website to be indexed by the likes of Google for terms that you stand a better chance of ranking highly with on the search engines.

Those are some the key onsite SEO tips that you need to take advantage of during 2015. By using these tips it should vastly improve your positioning on the search engines and increase the organic traffic that you receive on a daily basis. Of course it all depends on how competitive your keywords and market is, but ignore the tips and you could struggle even more.

For more information about search engine optimization for your website, check-out Canada West IM. More information is available in the video below or watch it on YouTube at

Why an Orthodontist Needs a Website That Invokes Confidence

embrace orthodontics edmonton

The number of practicing Orthodontists has greatly increased over the past few years. This makes it important for these professionals to adapt modern digital marketing methods to get more patients. Here are the top reasons why your orthodontist website(s) should be appealing to the online masses.

People Love What They See

As an Orthodontist you have the mandate to maintain high levels of professionalism for your patients to develop high confidence in you and the services you are providing. People will always fall in love with what they see about you rather than what they hear. One way of instilling the much needed confidence and belief in your work is by developing a top-notch website for your business with appealing content. The website should help you in describing your specialties, uniqueness from other Orthodontists providing similar services and other important information on how you can be reached. The website should also provide constant newsfeed for your online followers on the latest developments on your profession and other important issues that have direct impact on their lives.

Interact With Your Patients

Another good reason why an Orthodontist needs a website that invokes confidence and looks great is the fact that most patients would like to give a feedback on the level of treatment services you offer. This will help them build more confidence in you. The official website for your business provides a perfect opportunity for them to leave a feedback. If your website is not well designed with perfect color, grid, graphics and commentary options, the patients will most definitely lose confidence in you. The web page(s) should allow your followers to leave reviews in the form of comments for your business. If this option is not available, then you might be trading on the wrong side of digital marketing.

Watch the above video on YouTube here –

First Impression

Most people visiting your web page(s) will be doing it for the first time. The impression they will get on the website pages will tell them more about the level of professionalism in you. Do not let the first impression cost you potential clients. This can happen if your website outlook is not well balanced. Professional web developers know what web icons to put at what place and in the right time. They are well placed to help you create the much needed good impression for first time visitors to your website. This will greatly increase the number of clients that will hire your services.

It is important that you should get web design experts to help you develop a perfect website for your Orthodontist profession. Web developers know the right grid and color balance, the best graphics, white space, typography and connection that will suit your profession in the best way. Hire such experts to help you drive more patients to your business.

richard london financial planning las vegas

Why Financial Planners Should Have A Great Looking Website

The importance of a professional having a personal website cannot be overstated. The website plays a major role in acquiring new customers and creating positive exposure. Many professional financial planners now know this and already have websites. But simply having a website is not enough; it needs to be great, user friendly, informative and professional. It is better to lack a website than to have a terribly designed one. Here are some of the reasons why you should invest in a higher than average professional website.

1. You are selling your brand

In this digital age, consumers consider websites to be integral parts of a business’s brand. If you have a bad website that is slow, unfriendly to the users and unprofessional, it reflects on you as a brand. People assume that your services also have the same qualities, something you definitely don’t want to happen.

2. Attracting new clients

For you to stay in business, you cannot only rely only on your existing customers. You need to constantly look for new clients. With millions of people now online, getting new clients should be a relatively easy job. This however won’t be the case if you have a bad website.

A new client who stops by your site is quickly turned off by all the mess on it. If he or she cannot find your contact information, the back button gets hit. If you don’t portray professionalism, you loose several other potential clients.

If you want sustained business, you need to invest in a better website.

3. Creating trust and confidence

One thing that most financial planners fail to do is display their skills and experience on their websites. You have a great website that is well designed but the only things on it is a small about me section and contact information. Are you expecting someone to hire you based on only this information?

People want to feel that they are hiring a pro and the best way to show them you are one is through your website. Provide lots of informative information about financial planning and related topics. Basically create value for their customers. In return they develop trust and confidence in your services.

In addition you can include customer testimonials and past work portfolios to further sell your services to potential clients.

Without a website, and a great one at that, it will be a big challenge to survive. If you have not already moved online, do so now. If you are already there, make your presence felt by having a great looking and well designed website.

The featured image for this post is courtesy of Richard London Financial. A prime example of a well designed website for a financial planner.

vancouver car accident lawyer website

Why a Personal Injury Lawyer should have a Fantastic Website

Personal injury lawyers usually deal with a lot of personal cases each day in the course of their work. Personal in this case means that the client fully trusts and believes in the person attending to their needs. This trust has to be earned in different ways with a great looking website being one of those ways. With an outstanding website, a personal injury lawyer will be able to not only instil trust in potential clients, but also grow their brand and online reach.

Make Sure it’s Designed Right From the Beginning

A great looking website is professionally designed and developed from the ground up. This ensures that it loads fast on the clients device. Making use of the latest web design trends such as responsive web design also ensures that your website will display correctly no matter what screen size the person is using. The website also needs to have a consistent theme and layout for easier user navigation and a great user experience. Having a handy contact form easily accessible on the website also provides easier access to your clients and they will be happy to work with you.

Lawyers do work that is professional in nature. This professionalism needs to be presented in the design of the website as well. This means having a uniform content structure. The website should be typographically correct for easy reading of the content. Images and logos used in the design of the website should be professional and of high resolution or image quality. This increases the level of confidence in the lawyer from potential clients.

Improve Your Branding Online With a Great Website

A professionally designed website for a personal injury lawyer can be a great boost to the lawyer’s brand. A great looking website will instill confidence in the clients. With an easily accessible contact form on the website, potential clients can easily get in touch with the lawyer and get their issues sorted out. The best way to have a great looking website is to have professionals working on it. The website should be accessible from a wide range of devices and form factors in order to provide a greater audience which is also a larger pool of potential clients for the lawyer.

In conclusion, a personal injury lawyer should have an excellent website not only to impress customers, but also make it easy for them to reach the lawyer whenever they need help. Of course, the website design will add to the customer’s confidence and trust in the lawyer making the relationship stronger.

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Why You Should Consider Internet Marketing for Your Pet Boarding Facilities Business

indoor play area at LV Dog Resort

Photo courtesy of Las Vegas Pet Resort. Click here to visit their website.

Online marketing (i.e. internet marketing) basically refers to the use of websites, blogs, emails, facebook, twitter, and other social media tools to advertise and/or market your products/services. SEO (search engines optimization) refers to a set of rules that are followed by a blog/website owner to optimize his/her websites for search engines so as to improve its rankings in the search engines. SEO is part of internet marketing in general.

Traditionally, TVs, radios, newspapers, magazines etc have always been known as advertising/marketing tools. However, internet marketing is now very important to any type of business. This is because, the internet has become part of almost everyone’s lives today and in fact many of these people now prefer the internet over the traditional media. Below are some of the reasons why every business owner (especially those dealing with pet boarding facilities) should consider internet marketing;


Internet marketing is not only convenient for you the business owner but also for the customers. This is because, you can open for business for 24 hours without having to worry about anything (even about overtime payments for your employees). You can display your cat & dog boarding facilities and your customers will simply browse through them and place an order at a time that is most convenient for them.


This is one of the reasons why online marketing is the best. With the internet, you can market and sell your products to any customers from any part of the world without having to set up local outlets or distributors. This is because, many people from around the globe can access the internet and view your products online. This widens your target market and therefore boosts your sales.

Increase sales

With online marketing, you can reach to a higher number of people (as mentioned above). These people/consumers can purchase your products online without having to visit a retails store. This makes it easy not only for you but also for your consumers and will definitely boost your sales. Further, for companies that have won awards in their industry, many times there are logos that can be added to the website to promote this fact.

See the video below to see how you can use videos to enhance your online marketing like Luxe Pet Hotels in Las Vegas, NV has done.

Improve relationships

Through internet marketing, you can not only display your products to be viewed by your prospective customers but you can also have a one to one relationship your customers. Your customers have the ability to ask you any questions about your products and you can answer them and this will help you establish a good relationship with them. This way, you can build trust and those customers may even recommend other people to come and purchase your products.