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Tips for Onsite SEO for 2015

The thing about SEO is that the methods and techniques that get the best response on the likes of Google do change on pretty much a constant basis. This is of course due to Google altering their algorithms and deciding that something else has more appeal and weight with the ranking. However, one thing that does remain constant is the importance of onsite SEO because without it your website is going to be going nowhere. So, what are the key things you should be using for on-site SEO in 2015?

Make Sure That You Use Header Tags

Header tags are going to become even more important during 2015 and it is absolutely essential that you go ahead and use those H1, H2, and H3 tags on your site. Make sure that the tags are able to tell the search engines exactly what your site or page is about, but avoid using your exact keywords over and over again as this will get you nowhere and possibly penalized. Instead, look at the key aspects of the page and content and have your headings reflecting those subjects as this is a key part of your onsite SEO.  For example, if you are a Denver SEO company, considering using “SEO Denver” once, preferably in your H1 tag.

Add Alt Text To Images.

alt textThis is something that is often overlooked, but you must include keywords in the alt text option with the key images on your website. This is just intended to give the search engine something else to pick up on with your searches and keywords. Do not include the same text as you do in those H1 tags, don’t use your exact keyword over and over, use synonyms of your keywords, but you should also not avoid leaving everything blank either.

Focus Your Page On One Keyword or Keyword Phrase

In previous years it was believed that you should focus on a number of different keywords and to have them in the pages on a regular basis. However, this was seen as keyword stuffing or even lacking focus, but now you need to completely avoid doing this or it will have a negative impact on your page. Stick to one theme and make sure that the meta tags, page title, image text, and headings are all around that keyword for maximum impact.

Avoid Using Keywords In The Exact Same Way

It is clear that keywords are still vitally important for SEO, but of less importance on your website is using those keywords in the exact same way throughout the page. Add some variety to slightly alter the terms being used because Google have now added the same value to these varieties than the main keyword itself.

Make Sure That Your Content Is Valuable

The content that is on your website has to be seen as being valuable to the visitors and that does mean that it needs to make sense and to be well written. Google is really pushing the boat out in being able to identify high quality content and will tend to punish those sites that just reuse content of no real value. If you are unsure about what is on your site, then rewrite it whilst keeping in mind that you need to avoid keyword stuffing.

Make Your URL SEO Friendly

seo friendly url“Your URL needs to be more SEO friendly than ever before and this is one of the easiest things that you can do especially if you use blog content management systems such as WordPress as they pretty much do it for you.” states William Miller, an SEO expert in Edmonton. “Make sure that the URL directly mentions the key term for that particular page and repeat it for every single page on your site, changing the keywords to reflect the different information.”

Use Long-tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords are still extremely useful for search engine optimization, but this year the most important thing is the actual quality of the term used rather than the quantity. This is especially helpful for websites that would primarily target keywords that are very competitive. By using them in the correct way it makes it easier for your website to be indexed by the likes of Google for terms that you stand a better chance of ranking highly with on the search engines.

Those are some the key onsite SEO tips that you need to take advantage of during 2015. By using these tips it should vastly improve your positioning on the search engines and increase the organic traffic that you receive on a daily basis. Of course it all depends on how competitive your keywords and market is, but ignore the tips and you could struggle even more.

For more information about search engine optimization for your website, check-out Canada West IM. More information is available in the video below or watch it on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=80lZFQbF01I.

Get It While It’s Hot!

Having a Web site for your business is vital. But simply having a Web site is not enough anymore. Your site needs to allow your customers to interface with you, gather information, watch tutorials on your products, view promotional videos, capture customer data for use with product promotions and company newsletters, and ultimately purchase your product online. A fully functional Web site will do all this and more. And it can do all this without you having to put in endless amounts of effort.

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Why an Orthodontist Needs a Website That Invokes Confidence

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The number of practicing Orthodontists has greatly increased over the past few years. This makes it important for these professionals to adapt modern digital marketing methods to get more patients. Here are the top reasons why your orthodontist website(s) should be appealing to the online masses.

People Love What They See

As an Orthodontist you have the mandate to maintain high levels of professionalism for your patients to develop high confidence in you and the services you are providing. People will always fall in love with what they see about you rather than what they hear. One way of instilling the much needed confidence and belief in your work is by developing a top-notch website for your business with appealing content. The website should help you in describing your specialties, uniqueness from other Orthodontists providing similar services and other important information on how you can be reached. The website should also provide constant newsfeed for your online followers on the latest developments on your profession and other important issues that have direct impact on their lives.

Interact With Your Patients

Another good reason why an Orthodontist needs a website that invokes confidence and looks great is the fact that most patients would like to give a feedback on the level of treatment services you offer. This will help them build more confidence in you. The official website for your business provides a perfect opportunity for them to leave a feedback. If your website is not well designed with perfect color, grid, graphics and commentary options, the patients will most definitely lose confidence in you. The web page(s) should allow your followers to leave reviews in the form of comments for your business. If this option is not available, then you might be trading on the wrong side of digital marketing.

Watch the above video on YouTube here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2kF1n7_yB7s

First Impression

Most people visiting your web page(s) will be doing it for the first time. The impression they will get on the website pages will tell them more about the level of professionalism in you. Do not let the first impression cost you potential clients. This can happen if your website outlook is not well balanced. Professional web developers know what web icons to put at what place and in the right time. They are well placed to help you create the much needed good impression for first time visitors to your website. This will greatly increase the number of clients that will hire your services.

It is important that you should get web design experts to help you develop a perfect website for your Orthodontist profession. Web developers know the right grid and color balance, the best graphics, white space, typography and connection that will suit your profession in the best way. Hire such experts to help you drive more patients to your business.

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Why Financial Planners Should Have A Great Looking Website

The importance of a professional having a personal website cannot be overstated. The website plays a major role in acquiring new customers and creating positive exposure. Many professional financial planners now know this and already have websites. But simply having a website is not enough; it needs to be great, user friendly, informative and professional. It is better to lack a website than to have a terribly designed one. Here are some of the reasons why you should invest in a higher than average professional website.

1. You are selling your brand

In this digital age, consumers consider websites to be integral parts of a business’s brand. If you have a bad website that is slow, unfriendly to the users and unprofessional, it reflects on you as a brand. People assume that your services also have the same qualities, something you definitely don’t want to happen.

2. Attracting new clients

For you to stay in business, you cannot only rely only on your existing customers. You need to constantly look for new clients. With millions of people now online, getting new clients should be a relatively easy job. This however won’t be the case if you have a bad website.

A new client who stops by your site is quickly turned off by all the mess on it. If he or she cannot find your contact information, the back button gets hit. If you don’t portray professionalism, you loose several other potential clients.

If you want sustained business, you need to invest in a better website.

3. Creating trust and confidence

One thing that most financial planners fail to do is display their skills and experience on their websites. You have a great website that is well designed but the only things on it is a small about me section and contact information. Are you expecting someone to hire you based on only this information?

People want to feel that they are hiring a pro and the best way to show them you are one is through your website. Provide lots of informative information about financial planning and related topics. Basically create value for their customers. In return they develop trust and confidence in your services.

In addition you can include customer testimonials and past work portfolios to further sell your services to potential clients.

Without a website, and a great one at that, it will be a big challenge to survive. If you have not already moved online, do so now. If you are already there, make your presence felt by having a great looking and well designed website.

The featured image for this post is courtesy of Richard London Financial. A prime example of a well designed website for a financial planner.

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Why An Accident Claims Lawyer Should Have A Fantastic Website

Personal injury lawyers usually deal with a lot of personal cases each day in the course of their work. Personal in this case means that the client fully trusts and believes in the person attending to their needs. This trust has to be earned in different ways with a great looking website being one of those ways. With an outstanding website, a personal injury lawyer will be able to not only instill trust in potential clients but also grow their brand and online reach.

Make Sure it’s Designed Right From the Beginning

A great looking website is professionally designed and developed from the ground up. This ensures that it loads fast on the client’s device. Making use of the latest web design trends such as responsive web design also ensures that your website will display correctly no matter what screen size the person is using. The website also needs to have a consistent theme and layout for easier user navigation and a great user experience. Having a handy contact form easily accessible on the website also provides easier access to your clients and they will be happy to work with you.

Lawyers do work that is professional in nature. This professionalism needs to be presented in the design of the website as well. This means having a uniform content structure. The website should be typographically correct for easy reading of the content. Images and logos used in the design of the website should be professional and of high resolution or image quality. This increases the level of confidence in the lawyer from potential clients.

Need to know more about why an accident claim lawyer should have a fantastic website? Just do a simple google search and you’ll find out how great websites make it easy to find contact information.