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Design & SEO For Pest Control Companies

Pest control companies need a beautiful website and great SEO provider to reach out to all the potential clients they’re missing out to online. Today, our designers have created the Spartan Pest Control Calgary website, it’s beautiful, and it’s a great idea to check it out if you need some inspiration when designing a pest […]

A Designers Guide To Installing Window Film

The installation of window film is the best to maintain privacy in addition to stopping the sunlight flowing in. These films are really helpful in the event the glass region of your home and office is significant. The plus point is that they block the harmful UV rays. Hybrid tinting films are the ones which […]

Quality SEO Tips for 2016 and Beyond

The key to staying on top of search engine optimization (better known as SEO) is to be flexible and to stay on top of all the major changes that search engines like Google are always making. The standard ranking factors that Google and the other main search engines use shift and the weight given to […]

SEO Tips for Wedding Planners

If you are a professional wedding planner, you probably already have an attractive business website that describes your services. As attractive as it is, is your website bringing you prospects? When a couple is looking for a wedding planner, they often use a search engine on the web to find local planners in their area, […]

Things to Know About Laser Teeth Whitening

Laser teeth whitening is the fastest procedure for turning the teeth white. It is the latest developments to whiten and brighten the teeth. This method is being used widely for the in-surgery as well as home teeth whitening. This procedure cost more than the traditional method for teeth whitening but it gives instant results. It […]

The Features A Great Plumbing Website Must Have

A business website has become an integral part of any business as the world goes digital and more people depend on the internet to access the information they require on a day to day basis. If you own a plumbing company, there are several features that you should include in your website to enhance its […]

Good Real Estate Web Design Produces High Value Leads

With the increasing awareness and embrace of online marketing into many companies marketing strategies, internet marketing and web design has become more prevalent than at any time before. Many industries have begun focusing their marketing efforts online, and maybe no industry has seen a greater focus and shift than that of real estate agents and […]

How Campgrounds Can Use Social Media For Marketing

Social media marketing has become a powerful tool for online marketing and promotions. Although most businesses already acknowledge its input, only a few have been able to fully take advantage of such possibilities. When handled carefully and strategically, social media can be used by any type of business. We were recently hired by a campground in […]

Tips for Onsite SEO for 2015

The thing about SEO is that the methods and techniques that get the best response on the likes of Google do change on pretty much a constant basis. This is of course due to Google altering their algorithms and deciding that something else has more appeal and weight with the ranking. However, one thing that […]

Get It While It’s Hot!

Having a Web site for your business is vital. But simply having a Web site is not enough anymore. Your site needs to allow your customers to interface with you, gather information, watch tutorials on your products, view promotional videos, capture customer data for use with product promotions and company newsletters, and ultimately purchase your […]

Why an Orthodontist Needs a Website That Invokes Confidence

The number of practicing Orthodontists has greatly increased over the past few years. This makes it important for these professionals to adapt modern digital marketing methods to get more patients. Here are the top reasons why your orthodontist website(s) should be appealing to the online masses. People Love What They See As an Orthodontist you […]

Why You Should Consider Internet Marketing for Your Pet Boarding Facilities Business

Photo courtesy of Las Vegas Pet Resort. Click here to visit their website. Online marketing (i.e. internet marketing) basically refers to the use of websites, blogs, emails, facebook, twitter, and other social media tools to advertise and/or market your products/services. SEO (search engines optimization) refers to a set of rules that are followed by a […]

Three of the Best WordPress Themes

Last week, Designer’s Cafe told you why you should choose WordPress for your next website. Today, we are presenting to you three of the best WordPress themes to choose from. WordPress has come a long way over the years. What was once a simple blogging platform has grown into the internet’s number one multi-use web […]

Why Choose WordPress for Your Next Website

WordPress is one of the most widely used platforms for making websites. This is obviously because of its many good features and advantages over other platforms that can be used to make websites. WordPress is also popular because it is an open source software i.e. It is available for free. If you are planning to […]