social media marketing for campgrounds

How Campgrounds Can Use Social Media For Marketing

Social media marketing has become a powerful tool for online marketing and promotions. Although most businesses already acknowledge its input, only a few have been able to fully take advantage of such possibilities. When handled carefully and strategically, social media can be used by any type of business. We were recently hired by a campground in British Columbia and they wondered how it could work for them.  We explained to them that campground related facilities have a huge marketing potential to exploit in social media.

Here are some of the ways in which social platforms can be used to increase campground awareness, promote services and attract enthusiasts.

Camping Campaigns

One of the areas where social media performs exceptionally is in creation of marketing campaigns. Campground facilities can initiate powerful message campaigns to promote their business and services as the best in the area. Camping campaigns may involve promoting special events and occasions, seasons and offers among other messages.

YouTube Videos

When it comes to camping experiences, nothing can outperform the clarity with which videos illustrate the level of service quality and fun taking place. Businesses offering campground facilities can take high quality video shots and update them on YouTube where millions of potential campers can view them. Promotion messages and links that redirect to the official website can also be embedded on the videos. YouTube videos can also be shared to other online platforms where viewers can access and download them.

Social Posts

Posting pictures and images of the camping facility, environment, amenities and enthusiasts enjoying their special days can go a long way in marketing. Social media is all about real-time posts, feeds, likes and shares. Facebook and Instagram present the best platforms for sharing photos and marketing messages. The pictures and posts can contain optimized links that improve ranking and also redirect to official sites where services can be procured.

Social competitions

This is another effective way to market through social media platforms. Campground businesses can create competitions where social media visitors participate in simple contests for a discounted camping offer or product. It can be anything from voting contest to best pictures and videos. Allowing other followers to vote for winners and participate in the selection activity are all ways of engaging social clients and improving traffic.


Although social platforms have little contribution to organic traffic and ranking on search engines, they still present powerful online presence for any business. Social platforms are effective in carrying out marketing and promotion campaigns. YouTube videos illustrate the level of fun and also provide links to other online presence platforms. When social platforms are integrated with other marketing avenues, the results are much more desirable. Besides, these platforms almost cost nothing to create, use and maintain.