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The Features A Great Plumbing Website Must Have

A business website has become an integral part of any business as the world goes digital and more people depend on the internet to access the information they require on a day to day basis. If you own a plumbing company, there are several features that you should include in your website to enhance its functionality and ensure that you stay a step ahead of your competitors. Below are 5 of the features that every great plumbing website should have.

  1. Company and the team information

    Given that plumbing is all about delivering services and in most cases in a home setting, customers want to know enough about the company and the people they welcome to their homes. Providing this information is therefore very important. Have a brief introduction about the company and some photos of the team at work. You can also include a brief on each team member’s qualifications and why they would be the right choice for your customers. You can see a good example of this at burkemountainplumbing.com!

  2. Interactive and relevant content

    The website content is another factor to consider. The content should be both interactive and relevant to plumbing. Well formulated and thought out content not only gives visitors to your website confidence in the company and the services offered but also boosts the website search engine ranking.

  3. Guarantee for services offered

    service is guaranteedThis is one important factor that most business owners overlook. Offering a guarantee for services offered is one of the ways you can gain customer trust by showing them that you are confident with the services that you offer.

  4. A phone number

    A phone number should be included in the contact page, at the end of the service page and at the company information page. The goal here is to essentially have the phone number in every page. This makes it easy for visitors to the website to access the company number whichever page they visit first and increase the chances of the customers actually calling to get plumbing services.

  5. Information on latest training and technology in the company

    It is always important to let your customers know that the company has taken the necessary steps to equip the staff members with the latest skills and are up to date where technology is concerned. Offering training and incorporating the latest technology where plumbing is concerned means that you are always striving to offer the best services your customers can get in the market. This will in turn earn the company trust from clients and promote business growth both in the short term and in the long run as well.

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