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Why Financial Planners Should Have A Great Looking Website

The importance of a professional having a personal website cannot be overstated. The website plays a major role in acquiring new customers and creating positive exposure. Many professional financial planners now know this and already have websites. But simply having a website is not enough; it needs to be great, user friendly, informative and professional. It is better to lack a website than to have a terribly designed one. Here are some of the reasons why you should invest in a higher than average professional website.

1. You are selling your brand

In this digital age, consumers consider websites to be integral parts of a business’s brand. If you have a bad website that is slow, unfriendly to the users and unprofessional, it reflects on you as a brand. People assume that your services also have the same qualities, something you definitely don’t want to happen.

2. Attracting new clients

For you to stay in business, you cannot only rely only on your existing customers. You need to constantly look for new clients. With millions of people now online, getting new clients should be a relatively easy job. This however won’t be the case if you have a bad website.

A new client who stops by your site is quickly turned off by all the mess on it. If he or she cannot find your contact information, the back button gets hit. If you don’t portray professionalism, you loose several other potential clients.

If you want sustained business, you need to invest in a better website.

3. Creating trust and confidence

One thing that most financial planners fail to do is display their skills and experience on their websites. You have a great website that is well designed but the only things on it is a small about me section and contact information. Are you expecting someone to hire you based on only this information?

People want to feel that they are hiring a pro and the best way to show them you are one is through your website. Provide lots of informative information about financial planning and related topics. Basically create value for their customers. In return they develop trust and confidence in your services.

In addition you can include customer testimonials and past work portfolios to further sell your services to potential clients.

Without a website, and a great one at that, it will be a big challenge to survive. If you have not already moved online, do so now. If you are already there, make your presence felt by having a great looking and well designed website.

The featured image for this post is courtesy of Richard London Financial. A prime example of a well designed website for a financial planner.

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