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Having a Web site for your business is vital. But simply having a Web site is not enough anymore. Your site needs to allow your customers to interface with you, gather information, watch tutorials on your products, view promotional videos, capture customer data for use with product promotions and company newsletters, and ultimately purchase your product online. A fully functional Web site will do all this and more. And it can do all this without you having to put in endless amounts of effort.

It’s time to think outside the traditional “sales/marketing business model” box in order to successfully position, market, and sell your products online. Designers Cafe incorporates successful sales methodologies with cutting edge technologies to create your 24/7 virtual sales person! Designers Cafe customizes this virtual sales person to meet your business informational and sales needs.

Take one to go! The Designers cafe Chefs take a no nonsense, professional, honest approach to designing web based solutions targeted to attain maximum sales exposure. Our design strategy includes a territorial psychodynamics sales and market evaluation of your product and customers. This ensures that your product will realize maximum territory market exposure and sales through the internet.

So what do you say? Will you enjoy a cup with us?

Designers Cafe


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