Quality SEO Tips for 2016 and Beyond

The key to staying on top of search engine optimization (better known as SEO) is to be flexible and to stay on top of all the major changes that search engines like Google are always making. The standard ranking factors that Google and the other main search engines use shift and the weight given to each factor can also change.

When looking at how the search engines start ranking sites in 2016 the first thing that jumps out is how critical it is to be mobile. There doesn’t seem to be a difference in ranking juice between people who go with a responsive theme for their website and those who go with a separate mobile friendly version. As long as a website owner has one of these two things they are in good shape as long as the rankings go. Webmasters, who don’t have a mobile version, are just begging to have their websites ranked right out of the rankings.

Another thing to look at is backlinks says Susan Michaels. “While a large number of random backlinks or keyword anchored text backlinks will now sink your website instead of boosting it, getting high-quality links will shoot an internet site up the results, and it takes less than ever. Just a few better than average links from a few authority sites in your niche or related niches will do the trick.”

In Conclusion

While SEO is an ever changing field, following the great tips outlined in this article can end up helping you finally get those ranking results that you have been desiring. SEO seems complicated, but it is about doing a lot of simple basic things well. That’s all it takes to gather the type of momentum you need to rocket to the very top of any single niche online.

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