Things to Know About Laser Teeth Whitening

Laser teeth whitening is the fastest procedure for turning the teeth white. It is the latest developments to whiten and brighten the teeth. This method is being used widely for the in-surgery as well as home teeth whitening. This procedure cost more than the traditional method for teeth whitening but it gives instant results. It is considered as an ideal treatment for the people with sensitive teeth. The best things about it are its considerable acceleration of the whitening process. Apart from that, it also offers the professional whitening results. Some of the most common laser teeth whitening methods are BriteSmile, Sapphire and Zoom.

BriteSmile Whitening


The BriteSmile method uses BriteSmile gel in order to bleach the teeth. This gel contains 15% hydrogen peroxide with pH level of 6.5. In this method, an accelerator is being added on the 2nd and 3rd treatment in order to improve the effect of whitening. In this method a light emitting diode or the gas laser that is plasma-based is being used.


The Sapphire laser teeth whitening method was found by Den-Mat. Den-Mat is the same company that has developed Lumineers. Lumineers is a very popular porcelain dental veneer. This method for teeth whitening is the combination of Sapphire Whitening Gel and the laser. The Sapphire Whitening Gel is being formulated specially to allow absorption of the light in the light spectrum. When the gel is activated then it breaks in to reactive components which then target stain-causing coloured compounds. The stain compounds and the gel both get activated and they then react with one another.

Zoom Teeth Whitening


The Zoom teeth whitening method was found by Discus Dental Inc. This method uses an activator and a mixture of 25% hydrogen peroxide gel. This method’s pH level is between 7.5 and 8.5. Mercury Metal Halide is the specific laser that is being used for the purpose of activating the bleaching system.

Teeth Whitened using Lasers

Laser Teeth Whitening Procedure’s Effectiveness

The laser teeth whitening is the fast and pain-free method to make the teeth sparkling white. It is encouraged especially to those people who smoke a lot and who have a habit of drinking coffee because both these things stain the teeth and makes it look ugly. By this method, the teeth get whitened up to 10 shades lighter. This method should be done only by an experienced dentist like you can find at because this method involves removing of the debris or plaque that is on the enamel. Right after the enamel is being freed from the debris or plaque, a gel is used on the teeth. The gel actually helps to whiten the teeth. However, laser pace up the process of teeth whitening and it activate the whitening gel.

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